This series of videos and downloads explains how to ...

  • Improve your understanding of your clients needs and expectations.
  • Define actions to make your service more effective, attractive and sticky.
  • Create more loyal and satisfied customers.  
  • Establish realistic customer expectations. 
  • Help customer's understand the true value of your service. 
  • Develop strategies to break your competitor's customer relationship. 

There are three videos. The first gives an overview of the concept, the rest explain how to apply the concept in reality. 

The downloads include a description of the concept, a business canvas including instructions and PowerPoint graphics.  

1. Improve your Customer relationships

This video explains what customer satisfaction & loyalty is. It gives a framework for understanding your customers and will help you designing actions that to improve your service or product. 

2. Use the idea for understanding & improving your service

This video shows a working process for understanding and controlling customer relationships. Use this process inside your organisation to understand your offering in detail and how the customer perceives it, to decide on actions to improve the service and to plan customer interviews. 

3. The Customer Interview

This video explains how to run a client satisfaction & loyalty interview. It goes on to give an example which demonstrates interviewing technique and how to fully understand what the customer is saying. 


Text document

Customer satisfaction vs. loyalty. Advocacy. Advocate. Client retention. Customer experience.

This PDF document explains the 

  • relationship between satisfaction & loyalty 
  • how to use the satisfaction : Loyalty grid 
  • how to use the concept and customer interviews

Business Canvas

business canvas. Loyalty satisfaction. planning. customer interview

This business canvas walks you through all the steps of understanding and controlling the customer relationship and running customer relationship interviews. 

PowerPoint slide


Here you can download a very simple satisfaction : loyalty grid which you can edit yourself. 

A text document that describes customer satisfaction & loyalty. (pdf)


Customer Satisfaction vs. Loyalty A3 business canvas worksheet (pdf)


Customisable PowerPoint slide ... just in case you need it. (pptx)