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Tom Venning

Tom Venning

Tom VenningTom VenningTom Venning

Training, facilitating & coaching 

in B2B Sales, Leadership & Change management 

Who is Tom Venning?

Training, faciltiating & coaching


  I am a business trainer, facilitator and coach specializing in B2B sales, Leadership, Change and Digitalization. This special experience stems from over twenty years of working globally with Multinationals. My major clients have included IBM, Astellas, Henkel, BASF, Kuehne+Nagel, etc. 

Speaking at TEDx


“May be its madness, possibly brilliance … Tom has spent the last 13 years painstakingly painting black lines on white paper… Surprisingly this monotone experience taught him how to think!”

Tom as an artist


Over the last 15 years I've built up an international art career, exhibiting throughout Europe and the USA. This special experience has given me deep insights into the pursuit of personal excellence, sharpened my observational skills and helps me, and the groups I work with, use visualisations to understand complex business systems. 

Training, facilitation and coaching in ...

B2B Sales


I'm a specialist in large, complex, business to business sales. That is sales management & leadership, soft skills, hard skills including territory, account & opportunity planning, saving a lost sale / client. Find out more...   



I prepare business leaders for the challenges of digitalisation & globalisation. Focus areas are leading oneself, leading others including leading teams, large groups and informal leadership roles.     

Change management


I help my clients change more quickly, less painfully and sustainably by providing a clear, facilitated and people centric process. 

A small selection of Training Videos

The Relationship Map


A  video and written notes describing how to use a visual mapping  technique which will help you understand, control and improve your  business relationships and networks. You can use it to improve individual, team,  project, and sales networks, etc.

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Story Telling for Business


Story telling is a critical to business. It adds life, personality and persuasion to all relationships. This is the introduction video to an entire series teaching how to prepare, practice and tell stories. 

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Mt. Everest - What motivates people?


 A fast & funny look at the what, how and why of leadership. The video explains the most important aspects of motivation needed to change, be it in sales, teaming, individual performance or organisational change. 

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