Who is Tom Venning?

I am a business trainer, facilitator and coach specializing in B2B sales, Leadership, Change and Digitalization. This special experience stems from over twenty years of working globally with Multinationals. My major clients have included IBM, Astellas, Henkel, BASF, TGW, Kuehne+Nagel, Shire, etc.


My international experience and interest in different cultures started from birth and developed as I moved around the world, living in eight different countries and traveling extensively across five continents and sailing many seas.

My working style is energetic, enthusiastic, entertaining and very active. While being an excellent presenter, my interventions into sales teams and leadership cultures are never frontal lectures. Instead they are based strongly on group involvement, rich visual and holistic experiences and a lot of fun.

Outside of business, I once had an art career exhibiting across Europe and USA … now I’m an artist, a dedicated family man, active in sport, a sailor (I’m building my own yacht) and always ready for travel and adventure.

Visually rich training, facilitation and coaching...

I believe that the training, facilitation and coaching I offer is special because its very visual, business focused and pragmatic. Visualisation helps people get an overview of complex problems. This helps them see connections hidden by complexity, challenge their own perspective, plan and lead more effectively.

I spent 15 years as an artist, specialising in graphically correct ink paintings of humans and other animals. This practice sharpened my observation skills, attention to detail as part of the big picture and the ability to construct and work with complex images in my mind, before transferring them to paper. I deliberately applied this thinking style to business in order to communicate more effectively, and to benefit individuals and teams by helping them develop and use the same skill.


Since 2014 

Leadership and Leading Change. Leading   oneself, teams and change. Leading digitalisation.

Since 1999

B2B sales, sales management & sales leadership, soft skills, managing complex sales, account & opportunity planning, saving a lost sale / client. Managing & leading sales teams. 

Since 1999

Facilitating large complex meetings & change processes. Sales planning, strategic planning &   implementation, change management, digital transformation, teaming.


Since 1996

Coaching. Sales People, Key Account Managers, Managers and Leaders. 

Since 1996 

Communication skills, presentations, negotiations and coaching. 


IBM, BASF, Henkel, Astellas, Kuehne+Nagel, Daikin, Shire, Agilight, TGW, Miba, Greiner, Metso, ÖMV etc.


Information Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Consumer goods, Petrochemicals, Industrial machinery, Logistics etc.  


Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, North America. 




Digital Transformation.

Boston Consulting Group & University of Virginia Darden School of Business on Coursera

Digital strategy, core process, technology, people & organizations, ecosystems. 


2002 - 2004 

Diploma in Business Administration

Open University Business School, England.

Management and Business skills for Middle Management.

Roughly equivalent to a Bachelors of Business Administration University degree.


 2001 - 2002

Certificate in Business  Administration.

Open University Business School, England.

Management and Business skills for Middle Management.



NLP. Master Practitioner. 

McKenna Breen, London, England. 

Trained by one of NLP’s founders Dr   Richard Bandler



NLP. Practitioner. 

NLP University, Santa Cruz, California, USA.

Trained by Robert Dilts and Judith DeLozier


1996 - 1998     

Accelerated Learning. 

Super Language Learning, Vienna.

Including Non-verbal Classroom Management, and Non-violent Communication.



English – mother tongue and my working language

German – good

My partners