B2B sales offering

The above graphic gives an overview of the subjects I train, facilitate and coach.

The vertical axis moves from hard skills upwards to soft skills. That is ...

  • hard skills linked to business planning and sales management. 
  • Moves through sales communication skills
  • Finishes with sales leadership skills; developing talent, leading sales teams and leading oneself. 

The horizontal axis shows a typical sales cycle. 

The diagram shows which subjects are most relevant to the specific stages of the sales cycle.  

You can see its a wide offering. To find out more contact me

A small selection of Training Videos

Understand & Control Customer Relationships


This video explains what customer satisfaction & loyalty is. It gives a framework for understanding your customers and will help you designing actions that to improve your service or product. 

Story Telling for Business


Story telling is a critical to business. It adds life, personality and persuasion to all relationships. This is the introduction video to an entire series teaching how to prepare, practice and tell stories. 

Coming soon ... Motivation


Coming soon … understand what motivates people.